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SynerChi Organics Superfoods

“Chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength” and chia seeds were known as “runners’ food” because runners and warriors would use them as fuel while running long distances or during battle.

Because of the health benefits of chia seeds, they were a staple food for the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.


That makes sense, as chia seeds are a concentrated food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.


Chia seeds are an unprocessed, whole-grain food that can be absorbed by the body as seeds (unlike flaxseeds which you need to crush or soak in water).


    health benefits of chia seeds

    Here are the 5 biggest health benefits of chia seeds 

    1. Safe & effective weight loss food

    Due to its impressive amount of fiber (over 34g per 100g ) as well as its nutrient-dense vs low-calorie structure, this is an ideal superfood to include in your nutrition plan if you are wanting to lose excessive weight (remember we focus on healthy weight, not extremes)


    Its high fiber & nutrient-dense structure will not only nourish your body but stabilize your blood sugar, lower the GI of other foods AND give you satiety for longer.

    2. Strengthens bone density

    Yup, these little cuties have an excellent source of calcium AND without any harmful effects of regular calcium sources like dairy.


    Dairy runs the risk of containing high levels of estrogen hormones AND is actually very acidic to the body which means it has the potential to leach calcium from the bones to neutralize unbalanced PH levels in the body.


    Eating more chia seeds is a safe and very effective way to strengthen & support your bones and prevent diseases like osteoporosis (very common in women nowadays).

    3. An incredible source of Omega 3’s

    Often we get told the only source of omegas comes from animal sources, yet that is not true.


    About 75% of the fats in chia seeds consist of omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), while about 20% consist of omega-6 fatty acids (121314).

    In fact, chia seeds are the best known plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids — even better than flax seeds (15, 16Trusted Source).


    As stated by Dr Axe: “In 2013, an in-vitro study published in the Journal of Molecular Biochemistry found that ALA helped limit the growth of both breast and cervical cancer cells. Researchers also found that it caused cell death of the cancer cells without harming the normal healthy cells in the body. While more research still needs to be done to find out the deeper implications of ALA on other types of cancer, this is a great discovery for women struggling with these increasingly common types of cancer. This discovery also makes chia seeds potential cancer-fighting foods.

    health benefits of chia seeds
    health benefits of chia seeds

    4. INCREDIBLY high in antioxidants

    Chia seeds are VERY high in antioxidants and as you may know by now, antioxidants are the miracle workers for keeping our bodies glowing.


    Antioxidants basically make the impossible possible: they slow down aging signs, improve skin elasticity & ton, thicker, healthier, and stronger hair, AND play a powerful role in removing free radicles (dangerous little molecules) that destroy healthy tissue and can even cause certain cancers.


    Antioxidants also reduce inflammation right across the board, may it be arterial or joint inflammation, these antioxidants can help reduce & even prevent inflammation.


    But with a diet rich in antioxidant foods like chia seeds, you will be placing your body in the best position possible to look, function, and feels it best!

    5. Helps with digestive health

    Struggling with the regularity of your “movements”? 😳

    Feeling bloated and sluggish? 😣 


    Well, including chia seeds within your diet will greatly assist in getting your digestion back to normal.


    The fiber in chia seeds acts as a prebiotic to provide fuel for the good bacteria in the gut, which plays a central role in many aspects of health and disease.


    AND, because of its high fiber content, low inflammation & easy digestion, it is a gentle yet powerful superfood to heal, protect and support the digestive system.

    Those are the top 5 powerful Health benefits of chia seeds.


    CLICK here (or the images below) to get the chia pudding recipes.

    Chia Pudding recipes
    Chia Pudding recipes

    There are MANY more health benefits of chia seeds than the ones we have listed above, and we highly encourage you to start including them into your diet to improve your body’s well-being….not just for today, but in the long run as well.



    *no scientific or medical claims are being made on this website & what we share is based on our personal experience, testimonials from our clients & personal research.