SynerChi Organics Superfoods
SynerChi Organics Superfoods


We are an exceptionally close family who believes in the power of superfoods, plants, universal love, positive mindset & sustainable living.

Healing starts within

Around 17 years ago we began our journey where we started experimenting with supplements and foods, their reactions within the body and the output one would get at specific times of consuming each specific supplement.

Through gained experience of having family members and friends (and eventually their friends) testing out our theories & “experiments” (no one was harmed during these trials, promise ;), we noticed that they were all more energized, happier, at ease and certainly looking more radiant, vibrant and full of vitality.

What we had learnt and discovered for ourselves, ignited the passion to want to share it with others.

And that’s how the SynerChi Organics brand began. Through our very own healing and “becoming” we have been blessed with this incredible journey of bringing optimal health and INNER healing to others.

Now that you know us a little more and exactly why we created SynerChi Organics, we want to inspire you to come on this journey with us…to give yourself the gift of abundant health and radiance as so that you too can live a colorful, vibrant and beautiful life with the power of plant based superfoods.

We have learned that through applied knowledge, we will get results and fast; through natural remedies, plant based nutrition, and natural supplements and superfoods, we can heal our bodies from diseases, stress, anxiety, food intolerances, nutritional deficiency, chronic pain, hormone imbalances, weight struggles, autoimmune diseases and so much more!

Meet the family!



Eco-friendly, health-conscious, alternative medicine healers with a passion and love for permaculture farming, nutrition, superfoods, herbs, oils, spagyrics, fitness and so much more.

With such a flare and will for life, healing and giving others the same gift, Kiara & Ethan consciously share their love and information on all the goodness of the beautiful plant’s Mother Nature gives us to help others thrive into vitality. We all deserve this and that is why these plantpreneurs are making such a difference in many people’s lives right across the world.


General Manager (…& all-round miracle worker)

During the course of her career, Cassandra has worked in many different industries, which have operated both locally and internationally. These include executive search, mining, consulting, financial services, advertising and the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Cassandra is a multi talented miracle worked in our family business and brings a joy and love to this company like no other. When you are emailing the Synerchi Organics Team, you are probably chatting to “mama Cass” on the other end 😉

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