SynerChi Organics Superfoods
SynerChi Organics Superfoods

Please read through, and consider, the requirements below before continuing to apply for a sponsorship, collaboration or giveaway.

Our company holds its business & brand values very high & want to work with those who are in alignment with us & have the same passion, positivity & outlook on life as we do.

Should we feel it’s a match, we will contact you and discuss requirements for your specific request.

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, we value and appreciate it.


Requirements to consider before applying to work together:




  • Your business, professional & personal values are in alignment with our company, SynerChi Organics.




  • You follow a healthy, active & positive lifestyle & practice compassion & kindness in everything you do.




  • You have a positive & uplifting influence on others across any and all of your social media platforms (including your own website).




  • You do not practice hate speech, racists, gender violence or discrimination on a professional or personal level across any and all social media platforms.




  • You do not participate or support hunting, animal abuse, animal entertainment or any other form of animal cruelty.




  • You don’t market or promote other business who are not in alignment with SynerChi Organics business & brand values.




  • Your following & followers (on any and all of your social media platforms) is in alignment to our own client/customer profile. The number of followers you have is not what we focus on the most, it’s the quality of your followers that we consider.




  • You have a daily interaction on all of your social media networks as well as an interaction with your own followers.




  • You have used at least 3 of SynerChi Organics Products




  • You have a good understanding of the SynerChi business & Brand




  • Should your application be accepted, you will provide photo’s and/or videos of your use & interaction with the product (relevant to our final agreement).




  • Should your application be accepted, you will provide a testimonial & picture testimonial (relating to the products used) of your experience with SynerChi Organics.


Should you feel that your brand and/or business match the above requirements, please complete the short application form and send it through to