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OK, quick biology/chemistry lesson…but it is needed to give you a background of where EGCG comes from.

EGCG is a unique plant compound found in a variety of tea leaves, especially green tea. EGCG stands for Epigallocatechin gallate and has received plenty of attention due to its potential positive impact on health, especially weight loss & anti-aging.


EGCG is a type of antioxidant called catechin.


Catechins form part of the chemical family of flavonoids which can be further categorised into a larger group of plant compounds known as polyphenols.


Polyphenols are biologically active compounds found in plants & are packed with antioxidants……


…….and THAT’S where the magic happens!

These types of potent antioxidants have a potent effect on the body on a cellular level and can protect the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals.

OK, the chemistry & biology session is over…., now let’s find out how you can get more EGCG into your body & how it can transform it!

what is EGCG


To increase your intake of this compound, the top EGCG foods and beverages to include in your diet are:

  • Green tea (which has slightly higher amounts of catechins than black tea)
  • Black tea
  • White tea
  • Oolong tea
  • In smaller amounts, berries, including cranberries, strawberries, blackberries
  • Other fruits like kiwis, cherries, pears, peaches, apples
  • Avocados
  • Some nuts, such as pistachios, pecans, & hazelnuts


Besides the above, red wine, dark chocolate, legumes, and most fruit are a few examples of foods that offer a hefty dose of health-promoting catechins.


Yes, you read that correctly, red wine AND chocolate…., but here is the catch.


  • The chocolate needs to be dark, raw & pure…., i.e. the bitter kind.
  • And the red wine needs to preferably be organic & drunk in moderation.

The type of green tea with the highest EGCG level is high-quality, ideally organic, brewed green tea.

To increase the EGCG concentration of your tea, steep it in boiling water (not just hot water) and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before removing the leaves. This will result in a stronger tea with a rather bitter taste (avoid using sugar, sweetener & dairy in your green tea & drink it between meals).

You will also find high levels of EGCG in matcha green tea, a high-grade, finely ground, concentrated green tea that has been consumed in Japan for hundreds of years.

Also a product that has become extremely popular on the health scene.

How can CLA assist with weight & fat loss?

The biological activity of CLA was first discovered by researchers who noted that it could help fight cancer in mice.


Later, other researchers determined that it could also reduce body fat levels.


As obesity has increased worldwide, interest grew in CLA as a potential weight-loss treatment.


In fact, CLA may be one of the most comprehensively studied weight loss supplements in the world.


Animal studies suggest that CLA may reduce body fat in numerous ways:

  • Reducing food intake
  • Increasing fat burning
  • Stimulating fat breakdown
  • Inhibiting fat production
  • Regulating blood sugar
  • Improving insulin function


Although research suggests that the results of studies are not significant enough, practical proof from everyday people usage suggests otherwise.


Benefits of EGCG

As mentioned above, the 2 most popular benefits of EGCG are anti-aging & weight loss.


How does it help with anti-aging?

Remember we did a little biology & chemistry above? Well, that’s just to help you understand that the antioxidants found in these plants are POTENT sources for anti-aging.


➡️ It’s NOT just what you place ON the skin, it’s what you place IN the body that can feed the skin & fight free radicals!!!



➡️ Free radicals are highly reactive particles formed in your body that can damage your cells when their numbers get too high.



⚠️ Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving up some of their own electrons. In making this sacrifice, they function as a natural “off” switch for the free radicals. This helps break a chain reaction that would normally affect molecules within the body’s cells.


💪 They also fight inflammation/inflammatory diseases by suppressing the activity of pro-inflammatory chemicals.


💪 💪 This means that every cell in the body (e.g. heart, lungs, liver, hair, eye, & SKIN CELLS INCLUDED), has more protection from getting damaged & more nutrition to heal……ANTI-AGING IN ITS FINEST FORM.



Just to be clear, EGCG should be used as a supplement to COMPLIMENT & BOOST your healthy weight loss nutrition plan & lifestyle.


⚠️ Just consuming an EGCG supplement on its own WITHOUT making other necessary changes to one’s diet & lifestyle isn’t enough to achieve the results you want.


➡️ There’s evidence that suggests that this compound can protect against metabolic syndrome and promote fat loss through decreasing inflammation, suppressing the appetite, boosting energy levels, & increasing energy expenditure.


➡️ EGCG may also work in part by boosting thermogenesis (the body producing heat by using energy), although not every study has found evidence that these effects are substantial.

belly burn

How can one consume it effectively & safely?

We also believe that consuming something in its natural form is best, ALWAYS…. but sometimes not always possible.


That is why we developed BELLY BURN capsules that contain EGCG along with 100% natural forskolin root powder, vitamin D3, & raspberry ketones (free from heavy metals, toxins & pesticides).


This beautiful mix of plant extracts is 100% natural & will be an incredible addition to your weight loss journey by providing a NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS AID.


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*no scientific or medical claims are being made on this website & what we share is based on our personal experience, testimonials from our clients & personal research.