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Do we need to count calories?


It’s been said that a calorie, is a calorie, is a calorie….no matter where it comes from.


And if you put in less (eat fewer calories) than what you put out (basic metabolic rate + daily activity), you will “lose weight”.

It’s math.


But, that is as far as calorie counting goes.


The thing is…. it doesn’t take into account the following.

  • WHERE those calories are coming from?
  • And HOW does it affect the body?


Basic example: Getting 70 calories from a “high protein bar” versus 70 calories from a banana is not going to help you in the long run if you are JUST looking at calories.

A “protein” bar is backed with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, colourants, flavourants & chemical enhancers that need to be filtered & processed by the liver and kidneys.

Whereas a banana is packed with potassium, magnesium, fiber, and natural COMPLEX sugars (meaning it has a different effect on the body & how it is processed) and it ENHANCES the body’s overall health BEYOND the calories it contains.

So why is society so hung up on calories?

do we need to count calories

We get sold a fallacy where we are promised that there is a solution that we can “buy” to solve our “weight problem”.

These solutions get cleverly packaged into attractive products that taste good, have high profit margins for the producer YET very little benefits to the actual health of your body.

The DIET INDUSTRY is a big business that feeds off people’s insecurities with their body & weight.

But what we must really focus on is that a HEALTHY body (as boring as the word “health” may sound) will GUARANTEE YOU a gorgeous looking body.

Again, it goes back to math.

If you put in natural, whole, healthy foods, what you will get out is a body that is vibrant, energized, glowing & strong.

do we need to count calories

PLUS your body will automatically lose any excess weight when it is being fed healthy natural foods, without the need to record, calculate & control calories.

ALSO, what needs to be remembered, when your body is fed with food that brings nourishment it will naturally heal itself, get rid of cravings (which is an indication of the body calling for nourishment) & stop when it is satisfied (less overeating).

Natural foods are also NATURALLY higher in fiber & nutrition & are naturally lower in calories compared to processed foods.

YES, we also use the terms “low in calories” on our platforms & marketing but that is because IT’S true!

We know that our products are packed with nourishment that WILL actually heal & transform the body, not hurt it.


 In 10, 15, 20 (even 30) years from now….how will my body function because of the choices I make today?

Many people don’t think of this.

They want instant results NOW, and the consequences are something they will “deal with when I get there”.

Ask yourself the following:

  • How many stories have you read of people regretting the choices they made when they were not thinking of the bigger picture?

  • Is it worth spending all that time and energy obsessing & over-restricting yourself over calories, instead of focussing on learning to enjoy & eat nourishing foods?

  • Is it worth being a size 2 yet you are struggling with arthritis and osteoporosis when you are 50?

synerchi organics meal plans

No one is saying you have to be raw, vegan & not eat past 5pm….not at all!


It’s about having a holistic approach towards nutrition. It’s about having fun, enjoying a wide variety of foods & flavours & enjoying your food.

It’s not just about the NOW but also how your food choices will inpact your body in the future.


In the end, if calorie counting works for you, go for it, but we encourage you to look beyond calories & what the actual source of your food is.


If you need help overcoming calorie counting & restriction or you would like to apply a new holistic approach to well-being…book a one-on-one session with our team.


Let’s get you enjoying your food again, cooking and eating delicious meals AND achieving the body goals you want for yourself without deprivation or restriction.


Cheers to a life of colour, flavour, fun & freshness!