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You get to choose how you want to look & what size you want to be, YOUR BODY YOUR CHOICE & you have the right to love & celebrate that! This blog is for individuals who are wanting to achieve specific health & body goals that are important to them.

It’s not always easy admitting to oneself when you have been avoiding the reality of what it actually takes to achieve the body & health of your dreams.


However, the quicker you can accept these 10 truths, the quicker you can achieve those goals!

1. An estimate of LESS THAN 10% of the people actually commit, do the work & achieve their goals when it comes to their health & body.


2. No one can do it for you, ONLY YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF. You can’t always rely on others to pull you through uncomfortable times. Having support is essential (that is why we offer FREE Smoothie & Fitness challenges, to give support) but in the end, YOU have to show up for yourself.


3. IT GETS REAL UNCOMFORTABLE! It takes effort, planning & making uncomfortable changes to your life. Breaking a habit is not easy, & it takes daily conscious reminders to choose differently to break that habit that is causing your body & health harm.

With change comes discomfort however, over time that discomfort disappears & a new fresh, & energizing life emerges!

10 brutal truths

4. We know this is one you have heard many times but it’s good to be reminded….IT DOESN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. If it did, the world wouldn’t be in the health crisis it is today. Even though our Smoothie & Fitness challenges last for 21 -28 days, the aim is that you get into a new routine to continue long after the challenge is over.



5. AN ALL OR NOTHING mindset does not work. Everyone has bad days, everyone slips up, and everyone falls back into bad habits. Every person on our entire team experiences this. No one is perfect & we don’t want you to expect that of yourselves. When you can embrace the imperfection of the process & forgive yourself when you didn’t make the best choice, you can then GET UP & MOVE ON immediately!

Be adaptable & adjust the process so that it fits into your lifestyle.


6. DO NOT COMPARE. Each of our journeys is different. The timeline will be different & the results will be different. The most important factor is that you focus on YOU & never give up on yourself!

Need a meal plan that can support, guide & give you everything you need to achieve energy, vitality & a glowing body?

7. YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE! You get to choose what is right for your body, no one else gets to do that…However, with that choice comes responsibility.


8. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. Owning the choices you have made and the place where you are at, in terms of the state of your physical health & shape, is very empowering & once you realize that you hold the power to change it (starting this very minute), ANYTHING is possible!

10 brutal truths


“If you don’t make time for wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for illness.” (author unknown)

Time waits for no one, especially our health. Putting off what needs to be done makes things only that much harder.

Don’t wait until you experience discomfort, pain, or deterioration to make a change. Prevention is always better than cure…..because sometimes there is no cure to fix the damage once it is done.


10. YOU MUST WANT IT BAD ENOUGH. If you don’t have a burning fire inside of you that is calling you to change & become the BEST version of yourself, then any little temptation, doubt or speed bump that you’ll experience along the way will knock you down, and keep you down.


As we mentioned in #5 above, nothing is perfect, you will make mistakes, but it’s getting BACK UP, again and again, and again (and as many times as you need), that will determine success. 

Wanting something bad enough is what will help push you to GET BACK UP when you get knocked down!

conclusion to the 10 BRUTAL TRUTHS …  

Every moment is an opportunity to start again, try again & go for those goals.

Your body has been with you since day 1!

It has your back & is there for you every single day!

Give it the love, respect, time & care it deserves to show you just how INCREDIBLE IT CAN BE!!!


*no scientific or medical claims are being made on this website & what we share is based on our personal experience, testimonials from our clients & personal research.