Mesquite Coffee (Roasted & wild harvested)


✔️ ZERO caffeine

✔️ ZERO acidity

✔️ ZERO additives

✔️ ZERO preservatives

Just 100% pure wild-harvested roasted mesquite coffee, this is the ultimate “instant coffee” alternative!

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Roasted Mesquite Coffee (wild harvested)

A high antioxidant-rich and creamy superfood with superior health benefits. Mesquite is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals, that will assist your body in lowering blood sugar, boosting your energy & immunity, promoting healthy digestion & assist in muscle growth & repair. Mesquite has the added benefit of being highly recommended for depression and general well-being.

Key Nutritional Benefits of Mesquite coffee:

  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Protected against degenerative diseases
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts immune system
  • Prevention of iron deficiency
  • Fiber, minerals & polyphenols



100% Wild Harvested Roasted Mesquite powder & pure love

How to Use:

Prepare your mesquite coffee like any regular ground coffee beans, may it be in a coffee plunger, coffee machine or Moca Pot. Use 1 heaped tsp to start & see how you like the strength. You can always adjust after that.

Use in smoothies (iced moca smoothie is NEXT LEVEL), recipes like our Moca Ice cream or as a coffee substitute.



This product goes INCREDIBLE well with our coconut creamer...healthy has never tasted this good!

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