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EASY VEGAN NUTELLA RECIPE aka chocolate spread


Nutella spread has always been a favourite amongst children (ok, adults as well), however when you turn that little jar around, the ingredients list is not that family friendly after all.

WARNING: Packed with sugar (over 60%), dairy, flavourants & palm oil, we have decided to give you the best alternative that tastes JUST AS GOOD!


Our vegan nutella recipe however ticks all the boxes…

✅ Gluten-free

✅ Nut free

✅ High fibre

✅ High protein

✅ Low fat

✅ Low GI

✅ Anti-inflammatory


Chocolate lovers, you are welcome 😉 😉

easy vegan nutella recipe



(Serves …however many teaspoons you can get out of it)

🍫  1 cup Hemp (seeds) hearts

🍫  1 cup filtered water (tap water will also do).

➡️  Add the water to the hemp hearts & let it sit for at least an hour. Leave it overnight and it will get SUPER creamy, therefore, plan ahead!

🍫  4-6 Medjool dates (alternatively maple syrup is good)

🍫  1/4 cup raw cacao powder

🍫  1 tbsp maca powder

🍫  pinch of salt

🍫 2 tsp natural hazel nut flavourant (available at your local health store OR you can use vanilla extract)

easy vegan nutella recipe

Method to make the chocolate spread


1) Once the hemp (seeds) hearts have soaked, place them into a blender along with ALL the other ingredients.


➡️  Start with 4 dates & add more if it’s not sweet enough for you.

➡️  If you are using maple syrup, start with 1 tbsp & then add more if you need.


2) Blend together until SUPER smooth & creamy.


➡️  If it seems a little too thick or “dry”, add a small amount of water (1 tbsp at a time) until you get it to the consistency you like.



🖤  Eat as is with a spoon (our favourite)

🖤  Add to your warm oats in the morning (it melts & becomes all gooey and yummy).

🖤  Spread onto your favourite choice of bread or toast (gluten-free, wholegrain, carb-free, sourdough, or regular, whatever rocks your little world.

🖤  Spread it in between your homemade pancakes or flapjacks (PS, we have an awesome pancake recipe RIGHT HERE)

🖤  Spoon over homemade nice-cream

🖤  Add a blob to a glass of plant-based milk for “instant” chocolate milk.

easy vegan nutella recipe
easy vegan nutella recipe

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