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SynerChi Organics Superfoods
SynerChi Organics Superfoods

Trends come and go, and what is important to remember is that you get to choose what feels right for you and your health, not what society is saying.


What is exciting to see is that trends are moving away from extremes like Crossfit & Keto and are becoming more balanced and functional in everyday life (and not to mention, affordable as well).

Not to say extremes don’t have their time and place, but viewing from a sustainable aspect they have not been very successful.


We have listed 7 health and wellness trends that we believe are noteworthy however there are many more out there to research for yourself.

7 Health and Wellness trends for 2024

1. Protein

7 Health & wellness trends for 2024

This term has been thrown around for a long time and it doesn’t seem like it will be losing any momentum soon.

The only focus that is shifting quite significantly is the SOURCE of the protein.


People are becoming more aware of WHERE their food is coming from especially when areas such as ethics, carbon footprint, and quality are being addressed.


Also considering that complete protein CAN be obtained from plants (Hemp being one of them), making it effortless and affordable. The way people are thinking is changing.


A hormone loaded, antibiotic induced piece of steak isn’t so appealing anymore when one realises the health implications that come with it.


Ethical animal farming is also a trend that is on the uprise where consumers can now purchase their protein sources more easily from local farmers who are ethically conscious and antibiotic/hormone free.

2. Group Fitness

7 health and wellness trends for 2024

2020 forced many to turn to the digital world for their exercise and the amount of fitness app innovation was huge….HOWEVER, the one thing that fitness apps could never do was bring that feeling of “in-person” connection, and people are craving it!

Group Training & social sports have begun to rise and we predict that they will rise even more in 2024.


No matter what form of fitness training it is, people want to do it together.


They want to feel like they are a part of something, like they belong to something and it is very important for mental and emotional well being!


We encourage you to join a group training class close to you & enjoy the incredible benefits that come with achieving ones fitness goals as a group!

3. The Blue Zones Diet

7 health and wellness trends for 2024

One trend that is dwindling fast is the more rigorous diets like Keto, Carnivore & even Raw food diets.


NOT that these diets don’t bring benefits to certain individuals who need them, however, from a longevity, affordability & sustainable approach, it might not always be the answer.


With the release of the Documentary, THE BLUES ZONES this year, many were allowed to see what the healthiest & longest-living people in the world ate & how they lived.


Decades of research went into this film and the results are astounding.


The Centenarians (people who live to 100 and beyond) all had very strong similarities running through their diet & lifestyle choices.


Some of these similarities include:

  • Ikigai a.k.a having a purpose in lifestyle
  • A plant-based diet (not vegan or vegetarian) where the majority of nutrition comes from plants
  • No processed & instant foods
  • They make time to sit and enjoy their meal.
  • Belonging to a community i.e. being with people who long and care about you and have the same interests
  • Functional exercise and they do not mean “workout”. Their exercise is consistent with daily movement and chores. They walk everywhere, do their housework, gardening and cooking and they don’t have screens like television, in their homes.


We highly recommend you watch THE BLUE ZONES to learn how simple & effective (and affordable) this way of living is & with the bonus of looking and feeling your best!

4. Mushrooms a.k.a Fungi

7 health and wellness trends for 2024

These incredible “creatures” have slowly come to the forefront of wellness especially when it comes to disease prevention, cure & management….not just physically but psychologically as well.


And just in case you are thinking, “Do you want us to go on some kind of psychedelic trip?” …not at all, (unless that is what you want to do 😉


Mushrooms hold incredible health properties and are said to have an “intelligence” that we don’t yet understand.


Mushrooms have been used in ancient medicine for centuries and they are only now gaining momentum and getting the credit they deserve.


The work of Micologist & scientist Paul Stamets is fascinating and he will take you on a journey of absolute magic when it comes to mushrooms and how powerful they are!


His Documentary FANTASTIC FUNGI can be found on Netflix, worth the watch!

5. Fibre

7 health & wellness trends for 2024

Fibre is one of the KEY elements to obtaining and maintaining a healthy gut which has also been referred to as the body’s 2nd brain.


Gut health made a huge rumble deep into 2020 and ever since then, it has steadily grown with momentum because the results of having a healthy gut are now really showing up.


Experts are only now acknowledging that fibre plays a vital part in optimal health and well-being of your gut.


And let’s just note here, when we say FIBRE, we are speaking of a variety of sources of fibre in their natural state like fresh fruit and vegetables…..NOT the fibre you find in processed cereals or convenient capsules.


The reason gut health has continued to rise in popularity is that the benefits that come with a healthy gut are astounding.


  • prevention of certain cancers
  • balanced hormone levels
  • healthy glowing skin
  • Weight management
  • Strong immune system
  • Mental health assistance
  • Improved sleep
  • ….and so much more


So, it turns out, fibre is not just “roughage”, it is the food that fuels a healthy gut!

6. Mental Wellness

7 health and wellness trends for 2024

Like with many of these wellness trends we have listed, they have grown in popularity out of the ashes of the pandemic.


Using the words “trend” and “popularity” in the same sentence as mental well-being doesn’t seem right, however, mental health awareness has grown extensively which is great news.


People are becoming more open about mental health and talking about it and the importance of taking care of ones mental health is becoming more and more aparent.


We believe mental health is just as important as physical health, you can’t have one without the other.


Ways to assist your mental wellbeing can begin with these simple steps:


  • get sunlight every day
  • get into nature
  • practise deep breathing
  • practise meditation & brain calming
  • move your body in ways that feel comfortable to you
  • Eat less processed foods
  • work on supporting your gut health
  • having a pet
  • Find a support group (this can be friends, a fitness group, a hobbies group, a hiking group etc)


These are just a few steps that can have a significant impact on your mental wellness.

Mental wellness starts within and depending on the severity of the condition or disease, may require the assistance of a professional.


We encourage you to speak to someone and seek professional help if you feel you are not coping.


Even though it is listed as a “trend” here, mental wellness is an essential element to living a healthy and fulfilled life and an area of well-being that we hope more people will invest in.

7. Sleep/rest

7 health and wellness trends for 2024
We have all heard the saying “rest is just as important as work” however, maybe it’s time we practice it.


It’s shocking to read the stats on how many people actually struggle with sleep or experience a sleeping disorder.


It has been reported that over 40% of adults struggle with sleeping.


Sleep is VITAL….and we mean SUPER VITAL for optimal physical and mental well-being.


Sleep is when your body has time to rebuild, repair, recharge and rest.


More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of sleep with the development of smartwatches and apps that track sleep quality, patterns & behaviour.


The “trend” for getting a good number of hours in every night is on the rise and we believe the benefits that will come with this trend will have a very positive impact on society as a whole.



In the end, both physical & mental health should never be a trend…it should be a priority in ones life.


We hope the 7 Health and Wellness Trends we listed above will never go “out of style”.


They may seem simple and not as glamorous or show-stopping as some other trends, but they will bring you the MOST benefits with the longest-lasting results… that we can promise you!