You can make this recipe in 20min or less & it is a super yummy, yet SUPER healthy meal for you & your family & very versatile!


✅ HF – High Fiber

HP – High Protein

V – Vegan

OF – Oil Free

GF – Gluten Free

LC – Low Calorie

✅ DF – Diabetic Friendly

…and so much more!

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And when you eat meals like this, expect to:

Lose excess body fat

Build lean muscle mass

Improve digestion & gut health

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creamy chickpea curry recipe 1

 Ingredients – Creamy Chickpea Curry Recipe

(Serves 4)

➡️  2 tins chickpeas

➡️  ½ cup coconut milk

➡️  ½ cup hemp hearts

➡️  6 large tomatoes (OR 2 tins of whole tomatoes)

➡️  1 large onion

➡️  2 large cloves garlic

➡️  1 large apple

➡️  ½ tsp baking soda (takes acidity out of tomatoes)

➡️  2 heaped tsp curry powder or paste (depends on how strong you like it)

➡️  ½ tsp Salt

creamy chickpea curry recipe 2

Method to make the curry


START by deciding if you will have basmati rice with it or whatever other serving choice, because you can get that simmering while you make the curry (scroll to the bottom to see serving suggestions…there’s A LOT!)


1) Drain the chickpeas but keep the liquid to one side!

2) In a bowl, add the Hemp hearts to the chickpea liquid & coconut milk & allow to sit for 5min 

3) Add the onion, tomatoes, garlic, apple, curry powder & salt to a food processor and blend until finely chopped.

 4) Add the tomato mix to a saucepan and allow to simmer on medium heat for 10min.

 5) Blend the hemp hearts & liquid together until super smooth & creamy.

6) Add the chickpeas, hemp cream & baking soda to the tomato mix & allow to simmer for another 10min. Taste if any more seasoning is needed.

Finish with fresh parsley & coriander leaves.

creamy chickpea curry recipe 3

This CREAMY CHICKPEA CURRY RECIPE can be served with:

  • basmati rice (get this cooking before you start your curry so that it is done by the time it is done)
  • pita bread (gluten-free if you want)
  • wraps (gluten-free, or carb-free options if you prefer)
  • popedom’s (if deep-fried it pushes up the fat & calorie content)
  • cauliflower rice (low calorie, low fat & carb-free)
  • shredded & steamed cabbage (low calorie, low fat & carb-free)

Health benefits:

  • High fiber helps balance the healthy gut bacteria in your digestive system & fills you up.
  • High plant protein to heal, repair & grow lean muscle mass.
  • Low GI stabilizes sugar levels and keeps you fuller for longer.
  • Nutrition dense with vital vitamins & minerals for the body’s needs.
  • Low in calories per serving which is ideal if you are trying to manage your weight or lose excess body fat.

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