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Anti-aging smoothie recipes


3 Anti-aging smoothie recipes that will assist the body in fighting and defending against free radicles, regenerate cells, as well as boost the body’s antioxidant levels.


anti-aging smoothie recipes

#1: Almond Oat Cinnamon Smoothie


🌰  ¼ cup raw almonds

🌰  ½ cup raw oats

🌰  2 tbsp Hemp Hearts

🌰  2 cups filtered water

🌰  1 stick Cinnamon spice

🌰  1 tsp raw honey ( or an alternative sweetener that suits you)


Soak the almonds, oats & hemp hearts in the water, honey & cinnamon overnight.


Remove the cinnamon stick & bend the remaining ingredients until smooth & creamy. Extra water or ice can be added to adjust the consistency.


Banana or dates can be used as an alternative sweetener.


Vanilla can be used as an alternative to Cinnamon

anti-aging smoothie recipes

#2: Acai Berry Blast


🍓  1 tbsp Acai berry powder

🍓  1 tbsp chia seeds

🍓  1 tbsp hemp seeds

🍓  ¾ cup mixed frozen berries

🍓 1 tsp honey

🍓  ½ cup ice

🍓  ½ cup filtered water


Blend all the ingredients together & enjoy it as a refreshing cell revitalising drink in the morning (on an empty stomach) or in the afternoon as an energising & fatigue-fighting body boost.


Super low in calories, high in fiber, and super high in Vit C and antioxidants.!

anti-aging smoothie recipes

#3: Gorgeous Green Goddess


SO when it comes to anti-aging (and all things health) GREEN is king and the way to go if you want to maximize your results and ensure you achieve the body goals you are wanting to achieve.


Having said that, there is a gorgeous green smoothie that will bring the “goddess” out in you 😉

1 cup fresh baby spinach (regular spinach can be used, however, the texture & flavour is a little stronger) OR 2 tsp moringa powder

🥝  1 fresh kiwi (peeled)

🍐  2 tsp hemp seeds

🥝  1 tbsp chia seeds

🍐  1 large pear

🥝   2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

🍐   1 cup ice

Blend the above ingredients until super smoothie. Dates, honey or agave nectar can be added for extra sweetness.

Synerchi Organics Superfood

There you have it, 3 anti-aging smoothies, that are easy, simple & super effective to help your body maintain optimal vitality & regenerative health on a cellular level.

 Summer vibes at it’s best!!!

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